The Ultimate Insight into Terroir Champagne     


Famous not only for its iconic windmill and lighthouse ( yes, a lighthouse even though we are 250 kilometres from the sea) but above all for the quality of its grapes and wine much in demand by wine makers at the négociants.

A paradox:

  • One of the three original Grand Cru villages in Champagne
  • Some of the most sought after grapes in the whole of Champagne
  • Grown on north-facing vineyards – learn how this apparent paradox has become the hall mark of quality and style in the wines of Verzenay

An event that all wine professionals will want to attend


At Le Phare ( the lighthouse) in Verzenay in the heart of the Montagne de Reims vineyards and 20 minutes from Reims


Monday 20th April from 10.00 till 17.00

David Péhu

Champagne Péhu Simonet

Eric Rousseaux

Champagne Jacques Rousseaux

Cédric Lahémade

Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon


Emmanuel Busin

Champagne Jacques Busin


 Champagne Godmé                             Champagne De Carlini

Champagne Duval-Charpentier          Champagne Jean-Paul Morel


A presentation following by a Q & A session lead by


Dr. Steve Charters MW

Director of Research at the School of Wine and Spirits Business of ESC Dijon. 

Formerly Professor of Champagne Management at Reims Management School.

Popularly known as ‘Professor Bubbles’

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